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  1. Mammadov says

    hello when I installed patch then change edit.bin but all team not updaited. Team and all player stay original pes2013

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello ,

      Thank You for your interest in our site.

      To Fix This Problem Download (PES 2013 DLC 6.0) From Google

      And Move To : ”img folder” in your PES 2013 Folder

      Now Move EDIT.bin To “Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save” And Enjoy !

      1. david says

        Hi there, i have the same issue, for days now ive tried so so many things to figure it out, ive moved the data pack 6 file to img as well, the edit file just will not work. Do you have any other idea on how to fix this?

      2. Sinan YILMAZ says

        Selamun Aleyküm Bro,firstly thank you for your interest in our instead our friends. I want a question ,if you reply ı will glad. How can ı active Turkey spor toto super leagues patch in game? ı saw but ı couldnt.Can you help me brohter?
        Be careful,sincerely

    2. tims says

      hi there, so im trying to get new stadiums using the gameplaytool 3.2.5, but the app simply wont open at all, ill get a loading icon by my cursor and that will be it. i tried compatibility mode, but that didnt do anything. any suggestions?

  2. Agustin says

    Hi I installed the last patch for FIFA 14, and y really like it except for one detail, THE GAMEPLAY.
    I would like to know how to recover the original game Gameplay.
    I already try with the “data0.bin” but i didn t have results.
    Please help me with this, thank!

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      Thank You For Playing with Minosta4u Patch .

      Answer :
      Download Original Gameplay :
      (Before Install Back up Patch)


      3:REGERATE HB BY Creation master

  3. Predrag says

    Hello. I have several problems with patch 13.2, so here it goes:
    1. I can’t play Master League. I select the coach and the team and the game closes itself. I have tried everything that i found in comments, but none of the given solutions works.
    2. Every team’s name in Copa Libertadores is ‘AUSTRIA’.
    3. In Sky Bet Championship there are teams from Bundesliga 2.
    4. I tried to switch some divisions in PESEDIT and when I wanted to play the game, the game couldn’t enter the stadium to play a match. I had to install the pes and patches all over again.

    Any solutions?

    Best wishes!

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      Thank You For Playing with PESEdit Patch By Minosta4u

      To Fix Your Master League Problems Read This Post :

      Problem Number 2 and 3 .. Install PESEdit 13.0 + 13.1 + 13.2 And Be careful Don’t Switch Divisions From PESEDIT ..

      News : This Month (january 2019) New Update 13.3 .. Stay Connected

      1. Predrag says

        Hello again brothers,

        I still can’t fix ML problem. I have deleted unnamed_1977.bin and I still can’t play ML. I create the coach and select the team and then the game closes itself.
        Also I have a new problem here. After I finished playing Konami cup, many international teams lost their name and emblem. Now almost every team is “AUSTRIA” and has an Austria’s flag.


        1. Minosta4u Official says

          Don’t Wory Bro ,

          Re-install PESEdit Patch (All Versions 2019) And Don’t Change Anything From Selector To Fix This Problem And If You not Fixed Contact Us With Your Name (Predrag) To Help You

          Email :


  4. kl says

    Does and “options file” of PES 13 simply change player transfers? or does it also change the descending and promoted teams?

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      Thank you for your interest in our site.

      Answer : Yes , Option File is Update Transfers Only .. and PATCH Update Teams And Leagues

  5. Ikhsan says

    please google drive links for pesedit pacth 13.0 pes 2013

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro , Thank you for interest in our site.

      This Post Not For Download Links

      Please Contact Us Here if you can’t download :

  6. Temitope says

    Hi pls i download the latest patch for pes 2013 and i followed the instuctions.But when i want to open it ,it gives this error THE FILE IS DAMAGED OR NOT INSTALLED PROPERLY.pls how do i fix it .urgent pls

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      Thank You for downloading …

      Please send Me Error screenshots

      Upload the screenshots with : and reply here

  7. epic says

    pes 13.0 patch, when changing eredivisie to russian league, cannot start master league. The game just shuts down.

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      hello Bro ,

      Thank u for your downloading ..

      Don’t Change Anything from pesedit selector because russian league not supported in this version


  8. Bima Andika says

    please help
    i followed your step on your video to install small Patch for PES.2017 (1,9GB only) and i already use dpfilelist generator v1.6 and somehow the club list on match exibition mode is chaos for example, Sevilla in EPL, there is 2 AC milan club and many more

    please give me tutorial/step detail
    by the way your site is awesome

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      Thank u For downloading …

      Install Patch Again But Without Activate with Dpfilelist

      1. PESholic says

        still, patch not working bro..

        1. PESholic says

          oh sorry, i decided to change the patch to pes edit 2.0 and tadaaaaaa… its working very well, youre awesome, keep the good work broo…


          1. Minosta4u Official says

            Thanks Bro Enjoy And Wait New Update For PESEdit 2.0 Soon

  9. julian says

    hello, server online for pes 2013? thanx

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      PES 2013 Online is Deactivate From KONAMI

  10. fernando says

    hello, i cant download pesedit 13.0 can you please send me google drive link? the capchas stock in the countdown to 10 seconds

  11. Predrag Milosavljevic says

    Hello again,
    I have installed patch 13.3 for PES 2013. Again, i have problems:
    1. I don’t have Red Star in Other teams. Why did you remove it???
    2. When i open kitserver13, there are soooo many balls there i think more than 100, but in game there are only 30 of them and half of these 30 can’t even load. Instead of these balls my game loads a default pes13 ball. Let me explain to you better: When i select Premier League 2018/19 ball, game doesn’t recognize this ball and puts a default pes13 ball.
    3. There are no new radars, like you said
    I hope that you can fix my problems!!!
    Thanks for fixing master league and national teams problem!
    Good work, guys!

    See you soon,

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      hello Bro ,

      Red Star is Avialable On PESEdit Patch 2019 Look Pic :

      Radar is Active Look Pic : (if not active Change Scoreboard Or delete file unnamed_297 in kitserver13 >> pesedit-scroreboards >> img >> dt06.img)

      Ball Active is 52 Balls …

      I think you’re wrong to install the update. install PES 13 And Install PESEdit 13.0 + 13.1 + 13.2 + 13.3 and don’t add any other update from other site to play without mistakes <3

      1. Predrag Milosavljevic says

        1. I fixed the ball problem. The names of the balls in map.txt weren’t the same as in the folder where the balls are, so that’s why the game couldn’t load them.
        2. I know how to fix radar, I’ve read previous posts. I change the scoreboard and that’s it. What I’m trying to say is: you said that in 13.3 we’ll have new scoreboards and i can’t find them. Did u add new scoreboards??

        3. I had Red Star in patch 13.2 and when I installed 13.3, i don’t have Red Star anymore. HOW CAN I FIX THIS?

        By the way, thanks for the answer above! <3

        1. Predrag Milosavljevic says

          Here, take a look. There is no Red Star here

  12. Cristian Alex says

    Hello,, i have a problem with winter transfers on fifa 14, the video you upload:Update Winter Transfers 14/01/2019.
    I move the db to data folder, but the transfers are not working.
    Any solutions? And yes i have moddingway version 1.0

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      This Update is Compatible Only With Modway Pro Patch v1.0 + v2.0

  13. nabil says

    thank you for all; but where is french Italy and germany classic ; where is vieira lizarazu kahn

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      hello bro

      wait next update <3

  14. Arman says

    Hi my friend!
    I wanna know, are you going to add the new “chi cho” patch for pes 2013?

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Hello Bro ,

      Chi Cho Patch is not created by me

  15. Imran says

    WHAT TO DO? “Unable to load because data is from different version. Download new contents to updata data”

    1. Minosta4u Official says

      Download Final Data pack To Fix This Problem

      Tell Me This Problem in PES 2013 Or Other PES ???

  16. Jan says

    i just have the PES 2013 pesedit 13.0 patch 2019 installed just like you wrote in txt.
    The problem is that my pes 2013 have your design and all what you’ve done but not the transfers
    for example i still have Puyol, Villa and Pedro (and all 2013 players) in Barcelona
    I would be so graceful for your help 🙂

    1. Jan says


  17. Capirossi83 says

    Torrent link for download pes 13, 13.0, 13.1 and 13.2 patch is not working, thanks for an answer for this question my friends, grettings from Colombia.

  18. adam says

    hello can u update Turkish team pls actually fenerbahce,galatasaray an besıktas fc …. ty

  19. benyamin says

    hello in your new pes13 pesedit 13,13.1,13,2,13.3 patch why the radar wont show?

  20. benza says

    PES 2018 PS4 New season patch Update 2019 player
    PB with google drive link
    Please update the file in other website

  21. ayman says

    pro evolution soccer 6fifa mod
    لا توجد بها تحديثات 2019 يعنى مثلا مفيش حسين الشحات ولا جيرالدو فى الاهلى نفس اللعيبة القديمة هى اللى موجودة

  22. DeeJazz says

    Hi, I need your help with Pes 2013. I downlaod patch but I don’t see any changes in players, teams. How to launch with changes ?

  23. tarik says

    I have a problem with downloading pes 2013 update 13.3, when i click the captcha box and wait for 12 seconds i get the get link button which doesn’t work, so can you send me a google drive link or something similar like it for the patch and option file

  24. Wokro says

    Hi, bro i have a problem with the pesedit 13.2 rar, the archive does not decompress and gives error even changing the disk, what would be the solution in that case?

  25. falah says

    password rar for pesedit 13.2 and 13.3 please
    because i entered the password is always wrong

  26. Shpend says

    Hey man why in the pesedit 13.0 Become a Legend its not working after I finish creating the player the game just crashes.

  27. Ap0stolos says

    Hello guys,
    I’ve dowloaded pes 2013 ps3 patch files but when I insert the usb flash drive i cannot see any files.
    ps3 sees the other files on same usb ie images but sees them as a folder first, although I see no folder on computer.
    Any ideas?
    thank you,

  28. BRYAN says

    buenas tardes mi estimado me puedes ayudar con el enlace de descarga del PESEDIT 11.0 PES 13

  29. sinkzero says

    you will no longer update at least the edit edit 13.3 the option file of it at least or something like that 14 and very great pes edit i have been updating with you pes edit 13 thanks! thanks you! portuguese here no ctrl c >ctrl v :<

  30. Menahilhs says

    Heyy Guys,
    So i wanna download PES 2017 patch 2020 but “MediaFire & MEGA” both sites are blocked in my country dont know why.. The torrent is also not downloading
    When i try to download from Google drive it wants access from PART 2 – Part 6.. Can u grant me access or give me an alternate download link from any other website?

  31. Ampablas says

    Hey bro,
    seems like i have a problem here.
    The version 2.1 isn’t working. Maybe the link has been moved or something.
    Can u help me?

  32. thundersin56 says

    Good day, I found an error on your newest PES 2017 patch (v 3.0). It won’t let me play ML cause it crashes in loading screen right before the match. Exhibition and BAL works perfectly tho. Any solution?

  33. sergio says

    Hi Minosta, when I try to finish the shot, it goes anywhere but for the goal, which it can be.

  34. atef says


    i just downloaded pes 2013 new patch, new entrance new kits but the game is still working with the same old players in all teams for example inesta and xavi in barca so what should i do?

  35. Jerin Thomas says

    Please upload the latest transfers for PES 2017 (Griezmann for Barcelona)

  36. Akhmad says

    hello I download patch version 3.0 of the 2020 season in PES 2017 but when I play Master Legue the game always crash/stuck in the part of after playing

  37. wejih says

    is there a patch for pes 13 for the lastest transfert of augost ???

  38. aka heidin says


    I have a problem after installing the latest patch for pes 13, pes edit 14.0, i cant play , when i will start an exihibition match , it keeps loading and it does nothing happens .what is the problem ? i have very good pc .

  39. Mohamed Al-Amine Regragui says

    Salam Aleykum,

    Bro, I’m a beginner in patch making for PES 2013.

    I’m looking for the 2013 Patch 3.7 or 3.8 since it gathers all leagues made by PESEdit team without summer transfers.

    I’ve been searching for it everywhere and I found nothing except some non-working torrents.

    If you could help me with 3.7 or 3.8 version of 2013, I would be so grateful.

    Shukran in advance.

    Have a nice day!!!

  40. oussama says

    hii…i have my game pes 2017 ..when i start the match..the crowd sound will off also for kicking the ball(pass-shot) and no ref whistle.. the sound is good until i start the game..
    i think i have a lack of crowd files … can u upload it for me !

  41. K. A.K.313 says

    Hi, Minosta4u world, I have a problem with the PES 2013 PESEdit 14.0 New Season Patch 2020, when I download the main file or even the separate one and I want to Unrar it, they fail all the time and say nearly; “file archive may be damaged or deleted” . Is there a solution for that ? Thanks.

  42. oussama says

    I would like to make EDIT.BIN for pes 2013
    for the last transfer market 2020

  43. rifqi says

    San siro stadium is not good to see, because the field line is not contrast with the green field, can you fix it? thanks

  44. lutopia says

    Hola , una pregunta , no me puedo comunicar por la pagina de facebook con vos ? no me aparece la opcion para mandarte mensaje directo

  45. Rolando Montiel says

    hola como estas, hay algun OF actualizado los ultimos fichajes de septiembre por ejemplo icardi al psg?

    1. lutopia says

      me parece que no contesta mas este men ajja

  46. Scotty Smith says

    Hello Minosta,

    I would prefer to reach out directly Via Email, however this is the only way of communication I’ve found. I am here on behalf of Google Partner Ezoic. Whatever ad revenue you currrently have add 60%-90% to it and that’s what we can do. You can see more info here:

    If interested shoot me an email for a demo.

  47. wadewilson997 says

    hey i need the last option file for pes 13 for the last transfers <3

  48. Murillo Oliveira says

    Olá eu gostaria de saber se tem como instalar os patch de pes 2013 com o jogo em cd, eu tenho o pes 2013 original no CD, e ai eu fiquei com essa duvida se tem como instalar os patchs mesmo sendo o jogo original no cd ou eu terei que baixar uma versão digital do pes 2013 ?

  49. gonzalo says

    hello minosta4u, i have a question.. when you realize a patch with “La Libertadores” from Argentina?thank you

  50. Joaquin says

    Hola Minosta4u Solo quiero saber en mi pes 13 tengo pesedit todo
    pero quiero jugar liga master o ser una leyenda y se me cierra
    hay alguna solucion?
    Espero que respondas

  51. Don says

    Please Micano, We need the new BootPack for Pes 2013!

    Please Reply here

  52. NOOR says

    Hello guys really appreciate what you’re doing.

    First time working with a patch. I have a clean install of PES 2013 with no updates whatsoever
    My question…. is there a patch(s) here that only updates kits/transfers without changing gameplay?

    As far as I looked in order to get what I want I need the latest patch which changes the way the original game plays or am I wrong ??


  53. Göktürk says

    Will you update the pesedit patch? 14.1

  54. olivier says

    hello how to add new jersey in game?

  55. erkin y. says

    dude files are corrupted. I tried from 2 different sources. Not working, winrar is not accepting files…

  56. Ali Elsayed Ali Ahmed says

    hallo my friend i have just download rar for Pesedit mini patch v1 and it needs a password what is the password please

  57. HERYANA says

    hey bro, please decription key stadium 5000+ pes 2013, link

  58. Christian says

    Buenas, tengo un problema con el pes 2013. Yo descargue el parche para el pes 2013 y cuando pongo para jugar me aparece el circulito de que esta cargando y se queda ahi trabado, impidiendome jugar. Me podrian ayudar por favor. Un abrazo.

  59. Marcelo Ratto says

    hola acabo de intalar la actualizacion de pes 2013 al 2020 y 1.los equipos de copa libertadores me figuran todos austria.2.todas la equipaciones de todas las ligas salvo champions ligue y copa libertadores figuran todas en celeste iguales

  60. Marcelo Ratto says

    agrego a mi comentario anterior que tengo el Pes 2013 v 1.00 con crack

  61. ruffo says

    hi, i tried to extract the NEW SASON PATCH 2019 free for ps3, but the password: doesnt work. can you help me

  62. Gonzalo says

    Hola. tengo el PESEDIT 6.0 (PES 2013)

    puedo instalar este o antes tengo que instalar uno previo?

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