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PUBG Mobile For Android Latest Version - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The idea of the game is quite similar to the computer version, in the main play mode the game starts with a hundred players in a warplane flying over a large island, you can choose where you jumped from the plane at this point of the game, then you have to collect weapons and other additions to help you survive, every hundred will be Hunters and victims in the game, you have to be the last person living on the island.

The catalyst for fighting in this game-and the point that will make you move from your place constantly instead of sitting and waiting for the game to end-is that the play area is constantly shrinking, and all players outside this area will end up with death and loss, while remaining from within the region in the battle to that A final victor comes out.

Apart from the main pattern you mentioned earlier, the game offers another set of similar styles that allow you to form a team of two or four people or play a quick game with less than 100 competitors in a narrower space.

So in short, choose an area to start from, collect weapons, stay inside the play area, kill everyone, and you or your team win in the end. The idea is very simple and there are many tactics that you can apply to win according to your favorite style of play. The fact that 100 people are all real players in a place makes it more fun and entertaining, and making it possible for voice chat within the game makes it even more fun.

A new stage is now available for the game PUBG Mobile and on the occasion of the launch of the game Resident Evil 2 and did not get the game yet you can get the chance to confront the zombie in the game PUBG through the new phase RE2: Sunset which is now available for the copy of mobile devices.

The new phase will support up to 60 players in the beta phase and will be available through the 0.11.0 update and the number of players may be raised to 100 at the time of launch of the full version and the stage events will revolve in the map of Erangel where you will face waves of zombies scattered and wonderful in the matter that the phase will support the volatility of night and day It will have an impact on the zombie movement, where during the night, the count will increase and their sharf increase, and in return there will be difficulty in seeing while during the day it will be your chance to collect more gear and weapons for the epic confrontation during the night.

Impressive that zombies are in the RE2 phase: Sunset will be chastity like zombie shapes in the game Resident Evil 2 and also will behave as they were in the game with different s and their loved ones.




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