PES 2017 PS2 Full Patch Update Season 2017-2018

pes 2017 suso patch
Lots of improvements over V.1.Fixed the crashes generated by the teams VC Vlissingen, FC Grootegast and Jong FC Den Bosch.New graphics (main menu, edit, in almost the whole game).New balls (PES 2017, PES 2018, Derbystar Eredivisie 2018).Updated templates for selections, with their uniforms updated and configured to 100%.4 new selections: Iceland, Iran, Haiti and Jamaica.New selections in PES-SHOP: Faroe Islands, San Marino, Latvia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania.Kits updated for all Dutch teams at 100%.100% COMPLETE templates for all EREDIVISIE teams up to the FOURTH DIVISION. Adding also more players to the amateur teams to complete the templates a bit more. Now you can play a complete masters league, with more signings and players.New teams (Xerxes DZB, VV De Meern, Ajax Amateurs, SC Feyenoord).Kits set to 100%.Thermal sleeves for all first and second division equipment (SP exclusive).Real sponsors for the Master League.More real master leagues! Unique system of ascents and descents of Dutch teams to play much more real! (Exclusive of SP)Logos of leagues in sleeves for the Eredivisie, 3rd, 4th and 5th division, configured to 100%: D (exclusive of SP).Boots and festejos of goal for players of the Eredivisie πŸ™‚ (exclusive of SP).Faces and hairs for many players of the Eredivisie (exclusive of SP).Soundtrack and corrected songs in edit mode.Songs for the 18 clubs of the Eredivisie (exclusive of SP).Billboards to the Dutch, updated to 2017 πŸ™‚ (exclusive of SP).New KNVB Beker mode to play the Dutch Cup πŸ™‚With graphics, song, set kits, fences, trophy, everything! πŸ™‚ (SP exclusive)Champions League 2016-17, updated, kits set to 100% and their respective ball πŸ™‚New design of shields, with more quality and definition than the previous ones.Special hairstyles 1 NEW! : DUnlockable hairstyles in PES-SHOP NEW! : DMore than 350 players added and modified.New graphics in World Player Mode.Skills corrected and according to the league level they play.
To God and the family.
To Konami, for creating the best football game ever.
Coa Facemaker.
Jonathan Rojas.
Facemaker Artya.
Jaime Moreno.
Matthew Lig.
Cleyton Rodrigues.
Keny Serrate (KS17).
MartΓ­n Torres Senatore (MW93).
Diego Ayala Wittersheim (Difi10)
PASS : derevolutie

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