PES 2017 SMoKE Patch Full 9.3 + Update 9.3.1

– fixed bug with some of the newly added teams
a bug was reported with some of the new teams, when selecting it to play in exhibition or other modes, the problem was solved and now all teams working fine, the teams affected are (Gabon, Congo DR, Indonesia, KRC Genk, universitario de deportes)

– fixed napoli ad-boards bug
when selecting to play with napoli at sao paulo sometimes the game hangs, the problem was a the new napoli ad-boards, we tried to animate them but most PC will not accept it, the problem is fixed and the ad-boards are working fine but without animation.

– added/updated some kits
some kits where reported to be missing like Sarajevo FK kits, the kits are made but not in the cpk so in the game it shows default kits, the kits are added now.
some teams kits are updated following suggestions and requests from the fans.

– fixed crash with African cup of nations
the cup will not load and crash, this was an attempt to switch the structure to groups rather than knockout, sadly it didnt work and now we reverted to konami structure as knockout system.

– fixed j-league squads
almost all j-league players needed to be reset, they are done now and all have correct attributes, also some players where not in their respective teams now they are transferred.

– added j-league stadium names
japan league teams now have correct stadium names.

– fixed black turf with san siro
playing with settings (rainy-summer-night) will show black turf, it is fixed now.

– fixed players not showing dlc faces
players that has been added by live updates does not show real faces that konami added in the latest DLC, these players (the one we know about) are fixed and shows real faces correctly.

– fixed EPL trophy in games
the EPL cup show in every game, this was the first attempt to add trophies to the patch, it didnt work out well, the cup is removed and we will continue trying to make real trophies for later version.

– fixed reported missing transfers
all reported transfers we missed are now transferred, let us know if there are more.

– fixed teams radar color
most teams wont show 3rd and 4th radar color correctly, it is fixed now and all the teams have correct radar color, we will update if we find more.

– added 31 new face
majority of added faces where following fans requests, other face couldn’t be added.

– a lot of other minor fixes
most suggestion by fans where done, ofcourse not everything could be done, somethings will take more time, minor fixes are like some players having something wrong, or updating some flags or managers…

update 9.3.1 (70mb) is made for smoke patch 9.3, it will not work on previous versions.
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