PES 2017 Smoke Patch 9.3.2 Released 26 Feb 2017

update 9.3.2 (250mb) is made for smoke patch 9.3, this update includes the previous update 9.3.1 so if you upgrading from 9.3 there is no need to have 9.3.1.
in addition to the changes that came with the previous update (see here), below are some of the changes in this new update:
Changes in this update:
– fixed bug players (edit file/database)
some players had a bug that will deform a player if edited, there was a small error in the database and now all are corrected, also there were some reports about some deformed player faces specially in the brazil league, faces are now corrected.
– fixed sarajevo and nepal (edit file)
this teams couldn’t be used in exhibition due to a bug with the manager, both are corrected and can be used normally now.
– fixed transfers and squads (edit file)
all reported missing transfers are done, there might be some missing in minor teams but we keep reviewing the teams for new transfers, some new players couldn’t be added due to lack of reference.
vasco da gama squad were those of another relegated team, now its done and the squad is correct.
– fixed save bug tachera/penarol (database)
fixed a database error that prevented the save file to be saved if one of these two teams is edited, there might be similar issues and will be corrected if found.
– fixed youth team system (edit file/database)
the youth team players were not correct, the players ID were used for other team and that made the players appear as old players in the youth team.
youth players are real players now and the old players moved to another ID to solve this issue.
you might find some youth players that changed names and attributes in ML. 
– added faces (database)
added more real faces to the patch (112 new face), 31 faces were added in 9.3.1 and 80 new faces in this update.
– added cpy exe 1.04 (executable)
for cpy users only, the latest exe 1.04 is added now, cpy users do not have to extract the 1.03 from game folder anymore, the new exe will be installed with the installer, be sure the antivirus does not delete or block the installation of the new files.
– Added real faces for referees (database)
added 25 real faces for the referees in the patch, the same faces that were used in the patch 2016 adapted to 2017.
– updated kits (database)
reviewed and updated more kits following fans reports.
thanks to Marcos W. for his effort specially with Latin America kits
– fixed ad-boards of Inter, Milan and Napoli (database)
various bugs found in some games in the serie A teams that crash or shows strange effects in the games, the problem was with a new ad-boards system and is now its rolled back the the previous ad-board system to fix this issue.
– various fixes and enhancements
a lot of other fixes and enhancements was done, we try to listen to the requests and reports and follow if possible.
Update 9.3.2 (285mb)
Credit : Smoke Patch Team

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