FIFA 16 Revolution Mod 16 V1.1



This version allows you to identify kit colours. This allows the mod to detect colour clashes and use alternate short and/or sock kits, GK kits and referee kits if assigned.

IMPORTANT: Revolution Mod 16 V1.0 must be installed before installing this version if have not already done so. You can download this version from here.

You must read the included documentation to understand how to use this mod.


-Assign GK Kits (By Order Of Precedence).
-Assign Kits With Alternate Shorts And/Or Socks.
-Automatic GK Gloves (Model).
-Automatic Trophy Pedestal.
-Female Kit Variants (For Referees And Mixed Gender Teams).
-Identify Kit Colours.
-Referee Kit Changed If Clash Detected.
-Set Kit Clash Colour Thresholds.
-Swap A Kit Type For Another (Tournament).
-Use Kit Assets Of One Tournament In Another.


-Allow Individual Players To Use Generic Boots.
-Automatic Kit Overlays (For Sleeve Patches And Armbands).
-Invert Home And Away Banners (To Correct Shared Stadium Bug).

Beta Version

-All Generic Boots Are Replaced By Specific Boots (Can Disable).
-Assign A Specific Kit (GK And Outfield) To Use For A Specific Match.
-Assign Boots.
-Assign Custom Assets To FUT Team.
-Assign Different Textures To Static Adboards.
-Assign GK Kit To Outfield Kit (Includes Randomization).
-Assign Sleeve Length, Jersey Tuck, Jersey Fit, Sock Height, Undershirts, Undershorts And Winter Accessories To Players.
-Assign Winter Accessories To All Referees.
-Automatic Accessories (Includes Team Winter Gloves).
-Automatic Adboards (Includes Adboard Randomization).
-Automatic Arena Kits.
-Automatic Balls (Including Winter And Snow Balls).
-Automatic Boots (Includes Boot Randomization).
-Automatic Classic GK Kits.
-Automatic Corner Flags And Flag Poles.
-Automatic Crowd
-Automatic Crowd Kits.
-Automatic Faces (Includes Bump File And Randomization).
-Automatic Fan Cards (Tifo).
-Automatic Generic (Roof) Adboards.
-Automatic GK Gloves.
-Automatic Goal Nets.
-Automatic Goal Posts And Net Support Posts.
-Automatic Kit Name Fonts.
-Automatic Kit Numbers Sets.
-Automatic Kits (Includes Squad Number, Player, Position In Line-Up)
-Automatic Managers.
-Automatic Match Specific Referee Kits.
-Automatic Pitch Colour, Lines, Mow Patterns And Wear Patterns.
-Automatic Scarves.
-Automatic Scoreboard Clock Numbers.
-Automatic Shorts Model.
-Automatic Skin Tones (For Tattoos).
-Automatic Specific GK Kits (For Teams With Generic GK Kits)
-Automatic Stadium Seats.
-Automatic Stadium Team Logo.
-Automatic Stadiums (Texture And Models).
-Automatic Substitute Bibs And Tracksuits.
-Automatic Team GK Pants.
-Automatic Tournament Kits.
-Automatic Tournament Wipes.
-Automatic Training Kits.
-Change Collar, Number And Name Fonts, Name Layout, Jersey Fit And Colours On Kits.
-GK Kit Uses Same Fonts As Outfield Kit (Can Be Disabled).
-Global Sleeve Type Replacement.
-Identify Player As GK (Allows Bench GK To Wear GK Kit).
-Identify Which Kits Are Replaced With Custom Kits In FUT (Avoid Clashes When Playing Online).
-Play In Tracksuits Instead Of Kits.
-Referee Kits Assigned To League Tournaments Will Show In Friendly Matches.
-Remove Captain’s Armband, Undershirts, Undershorts, Accessories And GK Gloves When Using Classic Kits.
-Set Crowd LOD (Increase And Decrease).
-Set Crowd Size For Tournaments, Teams And Matches.
-Set Tracksuit Type Of Teams And Leagues.
-Set Which Weather Conditions Winter Clothes Are Used.
-Set Wipe Logos (Trophies Or 3D Tournament Logo).
-Swap A Kit Type For Another.
-Swap Player Accessories.
-Tournament Final Kits, Ball And Adboards.
-Use Graphics Assigned To Tournaments In Friendly Matches And All Matches.
-Use Name And Number Assets Of One Tournament In Another.




IMPORTANT: Revolution Mod 16 V1.0 must be installed before installing this version if have not already done so. You can download this version from here.

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